About Third Wave Systems

Third Wave Systems develops and sells premier materials-based modeling software and services for machining solutions. Innovative manufacturing companies implement these solutions to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality and get to market faster. TWS has two products. The first is a finite element analysis software, AdvantEdge, which is a premier Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product used to understand the metal cutting process. AdvantEdge features a full suite for analysis including chip formation, temperature and stresses and forces on the tool and workpiece. The software has a validation process and material models built into the program specifically for metal cutting, which allows for confident decision making without physical testing. The second product, Production Module, a NC toolpath optimization and engineering analysis software that integrates physics-based material models, CAD/CAM data, tooling and workpiece geometries to analyze and optimize machining processes. This machining solution allows users to: balance tool loads; analyze each toolpath line, calculate forces, spindle power, temperature and more; compare calculated outputs to optimization limits and raise/lower feed rates to attain optimal machining performance. Aside from our software products, Third Wave Systems offers a variety of engineering services for its customers to ensure users reach their full machining potential.

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